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April - 2012
  1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
  2. Comment  : Maul The Messenger
     (Perpetrators of corruption have gone blameless while victims and whistle blowers got
                       it in the neck)
  3. Comment  : Plundering Political Event Managers
                       (Let's stop diverting attention about F1 and event management. Let's get to the point                    and address the issue of election funding)
  4. Comment  : Inflection Point 2011
                       (Despite black marks in the report card, in the long run, everyone will agree that                    2011 was the year in which India reached something of an inflection point)
Managing Partners Message

          Although the 2G and Vodafone judgments have created enough excitement to keep Ensouth buzzing at least till after the rains, enough learning survives from 2011 for us to pause and ponder on the year gone by. This issue is all about corporate compliance, political perfidy and a bit of historicism!

          First, in Maul The Messenger we examine the complexity of the compliance challenge in India in the context of both bribery and extortion and focus on the legislative void which makes commercially acceptable solutions impossible.

          Next, in Plundering Political Event Managers we continue our pondering on the problem of public perfidy by examining the real reasons why an international sports event was mismanaged by the government.

          Finally, Inflexion Point 2011 rounds off the year and focuses on the big picture movements that occurred in this period.

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Ranjeev C Dubey
Managing Partner


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