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April - 2014
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. Videos : Why is India so corrupt?
3. Comment : Healthcare Hope
(We should re-examine our values. We care for our country but not for our countrymen. We care for progress, but not for what it means to the majority of our countrymen.)
4. Comment : The Moving Sexual Harassment Cheese
(In the new emerging India, a women's body also belongs to the three most powerful "P"s of modern life: Politicians, Police and Press.)
5. Comment : Socializing Shareholders Interests
(For a more service oriented government, corporates have to take governmentís roles. That requires us to trust corporations in a way we hoped we could have trusted the government.)
Managing Partners Message

      Now that the highly entertaining if lowbrow electoral discourse has passed and we are glued to our televisions no more, perhaps it is time to pause and reflect whether we Urban Westernized Educated English Speaking Elites are fair in the moralistic hyperbole we inflict on our country. As a society, are we really in trouble?

      Corruption and its role in our society is always a good place to start any such reflection. So in our video section, we ask ourselves: why is India so corrupt?

      That takes us to the next question: whose India is it anyway? We are all obsessed with progress but who is impacted in what way by this progress, and who is asking this question? Fortunately, the Supreme Court is asking this question, and is taking steps to help those who need it. In Healthcare Hope, we contextualize this issue in the area of medical support for our citizens.

      This same question has many dimensions to it of course: half of Indians are women, but they fear to tread the streets. Fortunately, no society is working harder to address this question than us. Right or wrong, Delhi has fought pitched street battles with the police in defense of its women. Has this brought the right results? In The Moving Sexual Harassment Cheese, we review the state of the law and its practical impact on women in the workplace.

      Finally, we move on to the most difficult question of all: who is running India and what does it mean for the rest of us? All around the world, corporate power is displacing sovereign power. This can be alarming because companies consider themselves answerable only to their shareholders. In Socializing Shareholders Interest, we examine the implications of a world where a government is a corporate dukaan and evaluate the legal issues that arise from such a world.

      We always appreciate your feedback.

Yours truly

Ranjeev C Dubey
Managing Partner


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