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April - 2016
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. Comment : My Human and other Animal Rights
(Are Dog Rights take precedence over Street Infant Human Rights in India?)
3. Comment : Decriminalizing Defamation
(Should the police be deciding how much civil liberty we deserve?)
4. Comment :

Justice for All
(Judgment on Judiciary.)

Managing Partners Message

         Welcome back to another issue of Ensouth! So far this year, April has been the cruelest month yet, breeding 42 degrees in the shade in some places. Naturally, our thoughts turn to philosophical issues around humanity and its environment, especially the legal environment. This time, all three topics we pick on are both philosophical and ideological.

          First, in My Human and Other Animal Rights, given how dogs are ripping apart infants who live on the streets, we ask if dogs should have more dog rights than poor humans have human rights?

          Next in Decriminalizing Defamation, we ask if India can allow a law to exist which sends a man to jail for telling the truth only because he knew that in revealing this truth, he would harm the reputation of the person he named, shamed and defamed.

          This brings us to the most basic issue of all: our very judicial system. In Justice for All, written for the 21st Anniversary Issue of Business Today, we ask how the courts can become an instrument of social justice. The answer lies in the transformation of our judicial system, an examination of which reveals that this task is not as hard as appears to be the case.

          Happy Reading

Ranjeev Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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