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April - 2019
1. Messages : Managing Partner’s message
2. Comment : Why the dance bar ban had to go
3. Comment : Who’s afraid of sovereign Snoopers?
(Should the government be allowed to spy on its citizens?)
4. Comment : Inherent fault-lines in the new reservation policy
(The concept of reservation is based on the fallacy that wealth and opportunity are a zero-sum game.)
Managing Partners Message

“April is the cruelest month”, said T.S.Eliot, “mixing memory and desire”. With general elections looming over India, he could have been talking about Indian politicians!

As for us, Ensouth stays within its focus areas, discussing law and policy.

First, on the judicial side, in Why the Dance Bar Ban has to go, we explore the legal challenges facing Bombay’s Dance Bars and discuss why the State Government’s persecutions of this business model is unsustainable.

Next, in a critique of policy, in Who’s afraid of Sovereign Snoopers, we examine the Home Ministry’s notification allowing ten security agencies to snoop on citizens.

Finally, while still on our policy focus, we find ourselves unable to agree with the ideological assumptions underlying India’s continuing reservation obsession and we say as much in Inherent fault-lines in the new reservation policy.

Happy reading!

Ranjeev C Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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