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Ensouth Our Newsletters

December -2005
  1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
  2. Comment : Surviving the Data Protection Void
                      (Achieving data security in a legislative vacuum)
  3. Comment : Illegal Advances
                      (Sexual Harassment in the workplace)
  4. Comment : A parallel Judiciary
                      (Are we protecting Muslim personal laws or condoning
                      Kangaroo courts?)
  5. Initiative : Our workshop and Executive Development Program
                      (Workshops and courses for the business community)
Managing Partners Message

            As we ring 2005 to a close, we have chosen a mix of stories to carry in this issue of Ensouth, one topical and two arising out of current events. In addition and as always, we also have our adventure travel story. This is the fare:


     1. Last month, we examined the state of the data protection law in India. This time, we examine how to protect our data in the face of the legislative void.

2. At the end of the 17-year sage ending in the conviction of arguably India's greatest super cop, we examine the state of the law on sexual harassment.

3. While the people of India continue to soft peddle the issue of minority rights, the lunatic fringe of the Muslim community now wants to run a parallel judiciary. We examine the legality of minority rights extending beyond the right to a separate law to a point where separate courts are established to enforce these separate laws.

4. This issue continues the three week road journey from Manali into Ladakh and out through Kashmir. Part II of this journey now covers the Jispa-Leh section of the dramatic trip through what is really the western edge of the Tibet plateau over three stupendous mountain passes; the 4830 meter Bara Lacha La, the 5065 meter Lachulung La and the 5360 meter Taklang La.

5. Finally, in continuance of the successful interactions we have had with the business community in the last year, we share with you our workshop schedule for the rest of the calendar year.


Ranjeev C Dubey


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