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Ensouth Our Newsletters

February -2007
  1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
  2. Comment : Reinvent or Move Out!
      (Indian law firms need to evolve new business models to survive
                         in a globalized world)
  3. Comment : Dharmic Dilemmas
                        (The fundamental concept of conflict of interest runs counter to the
                         way the whole world works)
  4. Comment : In Defence of Plea Bargaining
                        (Plea bargaining is not the best judgment, but it's better than a
                         laborious trial)
  5. Comment : Fundamental Right or Wrong?
                        (Can India legislate bans on religious conversion?)
  6. Initiative : Our Workshop Program schedule                   
Managing Partners Message

It is our pleasure to bring to you, one more issue of Ensouth. At the very outset, we observe how our country is managing change in its myriad forms:


1.       First, we turn attention to ourselves and look at the way in which law firms are reinventing themselves to meet the challenges of the time in Reinvent or Move Out! 

2.       Next, we examine how the law looks at the network of relationships that have traditionally run our economy with its inherent conflict of interest in Dharmic Dilemmas. 

3.       Third, we examine how India hopes to more efficiently administer criminal justice by introducing provisions for plea-bargaining in In Defence of Plea Bargaining. 

4.       Finally and since the impact of change can as well be judged by its backlash, we examine the law on religious conversions in India in Fundamental Right or Wrong? 

          I am told the Chinese have a benediction: 'may you live in interesting times'. I am sure we are blessed because itís a wonderful time to be Indian and to live in India!


Ranjeev C Dubey


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