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January -2009
  1. Messages : Managing Partner’s message
  2. Comment : Buffalo Jurispudence
     (the politics of control in legal battles)
  3. Comment : Business Class Justice
                       (On the move to provide speedy justice at a premium price)
  4. Comment : The death of legal intellect
                       (on the lost ability to teach young lawyers the art of being lawyers)
Managing Partners Message

           Allow us to wish you season’s greetings and pray for peace and stability in 2009.

          At this point, the world seems to be a very uncertain place and while we can as a nation look to a bright if amorphously optimistic future, the truth is that we are not recruiting. In the result, we revert to topics more philosophical than current, noting as we go that what is current seems to have dated, though lost nothing of the universality of its teaching.

          This month, we offer Buffalo Jurisprudence, the timeless Indian legal theory that every law school should teach (but never dared try).

          Next, we comment on the move to provide premium price fast track courts under the title Business Class Justice without asking the question whether as many seats in this cabin will go vacant as do in our airlines.

Finally, we have The Death of Legal Intellect – as much musing as lament – on the commoditization of lawyers and their craft.


Ranjeev C Dubey


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