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January - 2010
  1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
  2. Comment : Who cares about Shareholders value
     (Why the current model doesnít allow for effective independent directors)
  3. Comment : Limitless Lambs for Lions
                       (Music companies continue to follow outdated business models to keep a steady
                        stream of revenues)
  4. Comment : Winds of Change
                       (A look at the evolving judicial system in India)

Managing Partners Message

           In the last edition of Ensouth, we predicted that tough times may shake out the weak, the dubious and the incompetent. As it turned out, the tough times were more tough talk than tough walk. As we enter the New Year, we find that our absolute revenues are not impacted though our work mix has changed. How many Indian service providers have arrived at the same fortuitous junction? 

          Consequently, the subjects of comment this time are more topical than current. First in Who cares about shareholders value, we examine the compulsions that drive promoters to return better value to their shareholders. Next in Limitless lambs for lions, we examine how the entertainment industry prefers to persecute its own consumers rather than adapt its business model to respond to changing technology. Finally, with deliberate intent to sound an optimistic note as we step into the New Year, we look at the radical changes that are transforming our judiciary in Winds of Change

Happy new year!


Ranjeev C Dubey


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