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January - 2016
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. SPECIAL : Legal Confidential Hits the spots
(A Review of the Reviews!)
3. Comment : The trouble with privatized justice
(Like the mainstream legal system, arbitration too has succumbed to inordinate delays. A time limit here is welcome.)
4. Comment : Transforming the Judicial Club
(In rejecting NJAC, the bathwater has been thrown out, but then, so has the baby.)
5. Comment :

Persecuting victims: Justice for the emotionally overblown
(Culturally, India stands imprisoned by its emotional realities, which is now dictating its public life, its social institutions and the fate of people like the parents of Aarushi Talwar.)

6. Comment : Why deny an individual's right to die?
(Finding a dignified way to end life must be part of everyone's right and the law should facilitate this choice.)
Managing Partners Message

          It is with pleasure that we report the grand success of “Legal Confidential”. There were reasons to be apprehensive. We lawyers can be remarkably self-congratulatory, even as the justice machine struggles to deliver on its promise. Does anybody want to naval gaze the dark underbelly of a holy cow?

          Two groups have been especially appreciative. First, the business community has spoken as one, congratulating me for telling the naked truth about legal service in India. All agree that the system as now exists needs urgent intervention to save it from itself. The journalists have of course uniformly given good reviews. Curiously, a large number of young lawyers have simultaneously written to me thanking me for showing them how to succeed as lawyers! My India never fails to dish up delicious ironies!

          We share with you a few extracts of reviews published thus far in the section immediately following.

          As to our usual business, in this Ensouth, we bring you both the topical and the philosophical. Of the topical, in “The trouble with privatized justice” we revisit the issues around the tragedy that is ad hoc arbitration in India today.

          The other three pieces we carry are all philosophical. First, in “Transforming the Judicial Club” we question the untested ideological assumption that all judges are angels and all politicians crooks. Next, in “Persecuting Victims”, we explore how our justice machine actually functions and try and understand what has really happened to the doting parents of Aarushi Talwar. Finally, in “Why deny an Individual’s Right to Die”, we delve into the greatest of ideological debates - the meaning of life - in order to understand if the law should interfere with an individual’s right to live and die as he or she chooses.

          Happy Reading

Ranjeev Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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