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January - 2018
1. Messages : Managing Partner’s message
2. Comment : Triple Equality Before God
(The Triple Talaq judgment fails the nation.)
3. Comment : Why India Can’t Afford Rohingya Refugees
(Resettling Burmese refugees ‘from a particular community’ is good demographic politics but bad economics.)
4. Comment : Fee Fixation
(Though the Supreme Court has asked the center to bring in a law to cap lawyers’ fees, there is a reason why top advocates are paid so much and why such restrictions are not the best way to secure justice. )
Managing Partners Message

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the fifty first issue of Ensouth. Indians consider 51 an auspicious number!

This issue largely builds on major legal events occurring in the last few months.

In Triple Equality Before God, we examine how the ‘Talaaq’ judgment fails the nation. As it has subsequently turned out, the Triple Talaaq Bills fails the nation as well but that will be the subject of the next Ensouth.

In Why India Can’t Afford Rohingya Refugees, we explore the genesis of the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, review India’s international obligations and ask ourselves if we should have allowed such large numbers of aliens to settle in India instead.

Finally, in Fee Fixation, we confront the issue of placing ceilings on professional charges in the legal world and subject the idea to a critique.

We do love feedback, and look forward to reading more of it!

Ranjeev C Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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