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July -2008
  1. Messages : Managing Partner’s message
  2. Comment : Exotic Exit Clauses
     (PE investment agreements are akin to prenuptial contracts –
                        designed to help the fund manager avoid being slaughtered while
                        he is inside enemy lines.)
  3. Comment : Subduing Super Brats
                       (Law breaking is not necessary to good parenting)
  4. Comment : Buying Body Parts
                       (The recent Gurgaon kidney racket shows why the Transplantation Act needs a re-
Managing Partners Message

         It strikes me as significant that at a philosophical level, all three features this month explore aspects of business and personal morality.

In Exotic Exit Clauses, we examine the reality of structuring fixed period business marriages within the context of private equity investment, it being understood that failure to provide for easy exit in a partnership that is designed to last a finite period is tantamount to inviting one or the other partner to eventually indulge in immorality in order only to end the relationship.

Although Subduing Super Brats is not concerned with immediate business realities at all, it is still relevant in its examination of the eternal debate between unyielding values and applied pragmatism.

Finally Buying Body Parts examines the merit of the a priori received wisdom that trading in human organs is necessarily evil within the context of the current regulatory structure.

I trust an examination of the issues is not necessarily the acceptance of a paramount existential void.


Ranjeev C Dubey


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