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Ranjeev C Dubey:

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July -2009
  1. Messages : Managing Partner's message
  2. Comment : Too Much Heaven On Their Mind
     (Why the current model doesn't allow for effective independent directors)
  3. Comment : Fall Guys
                       (Independent directors apart, auditors are innocent victims of the satyam scandal)
  4. Comment : Bewildering Bets
                       (Can you sue your banker if you have lost money by investing on his advice)
Managing Partners Message

           We live in interesting times, providing as many opportunities as they do challenges! We have taken the sign of the times as an opportunity to restructure and while some things have not changed, others have changed radically. We are the same firm, operating out of the same location with the same people using the same skill sets but we have a new name, a new identity, a new website reflecting these changes and most of all, a new operative style all intended to bring even greater benefits to our clients. In the result, we would like to believe that we deliver legal service at better value to our clients to greater satisfaction levels. 

          For greater details, please do take a minute and check out our new website www.nsouthlaw.com.  

          On the editorial side, tough times they say also shake out the weak, the dubious and the incompetent. What could be truer of recent events in India? This entire issue of Ensouth deals with questions that the economic downturn has thrown up. 

          Two of our three topics this time are about Satyam, and both seek to defend those who we believe have been falsely condemned. First in Too Much Heaven On Their Mind, we examine how far independent directs can and should be expected to compel a reasonable standard of corporate governance. Next in Fall Guys, we examine how far auditors can and should be expected to reasonably assess a true and fair picture of the affairs of a company.  

          Finally, flipping the coin to examine the options the public has, in Bewildering Bets, we examine how far a customer of a bank can seek redress if he has been misadvised into making a financial decision that was wrong.


Ranjeev C Dubey


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