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July - 2014
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. Comment : Means, Ends & Jurisdiction
(When we seek to do the right thing without adhering to both the form and spirit of the rules we have created for ourselves, all of us undermine the very ideas we believe we are upholding.)
3. Comment : Blowing Away Whistle Blowers
(You can kill a man's career, or discriminate against him till he stops progressing in his work. So how is our new Whistle Blower legislation protecting the weak from victimization?)
4. Comment : My Wages For Your Sins
(Why in this world of paralysed time and frozen turbulence, Supreme Court senior counsel are not taken seriously till they make Rs 10 lakh a day!)
Managing Partners Message

      While Urban Westernized Educated English Speaking Elites may be delighted that growth as a political priority may be back on the agenda – for a while anyway - fundamental questions remain about the rules we are prepared to ignore in this quest for growth? I fear these questions will haunt us in the years to come.

      We bring focus on this question within the context of the heat the Aam Aadmi party was able to generate a mere three months back in the destructive way it went about reforming India. In Means, Ends and Jurisdiction, we ask ourselves if we can ever do the right thing without adhering to both the form and spirit of the rules we have created for ourselves.

      That said, the quest to create a rational society does not end with following existing rules: it continues with the attempt to create the right new rules. In Blowing Away Whistle Blowers, we pick up this long burning issue and examine what a quality whistle blower protection law should look like.

      Finally, the quest for a rational society also requires us to sagaciously reform institutions that have diluted their sacred mandate, lost their way or are under relentless pressure because of dysfunction elsewhere. In My Wages For Your Sins, we examine the manner in which the judiciary is absorbing the pressure of a society under ethical seige and the price it is paying for doing so.

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