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July - 2016
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. Comment : Sedition is the New Arranged Marriage
(How can any democracy function if it criminalizes truthful speech?)
3. Comment : Sky High Crucifixion
(Economic Development and job growth is untenable if we crucify promoters of bankrupt businesses, instead of providing them US style Chapter 11 protection.)
4. Comment :

Commercially Sustainable Bankruptcy
(India's new Bankruptcy law will not work because we are fixated about winding them up, rather than reviving them.)

Managing Partners Message

          It is our pleasure to bring to you the July 2016 issue of Ensouth. This time we focus on two ‘burning’ issues. The first goes to the very root of our democracy: freedom of speech.

          Democracy is premised on the ideological foundation that Governments exist to execute the will of the people. Presumably, the people first express their will which is then transformed by those they elect into programs. Yet, we are faced with the absurd prospect that sections of Indians consider it criminal to have an opinion, especially when it “hurts the feelings” of some of them. In Sedition is the new Arranged Marriage, we ask how democracy can possibly function when what some want hurts the feelings of others?

          This brings us to what I consider the biggest challenge to our economy: that strangely perverse ideological construct which punishes entrepreneurs for business failure. In Sky High Crucifixion, we examine how the persecution of Vijay Malliya makes absolutely no sense. Following up on that train of thought, we subject our new bankruptcy law to a critique in Commercially Substainable Bankruptcy, and ask if it is likely to meet the challenge of an India searching desperately for entrepreneurship and growth.

          Happy Reading

Ranjeev Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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