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July - 2017
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. Comment : The Joint Lender Devastation
(Why the latest ordinance on bad loans may end up making things worse than they already are)
3. Comment : Whatís the NDTV Inside story?
(The facts disclosed simply do not add up to the crimes claimed.)
4. Comment : Rivers with legal rights of a human
(Does saving Indiaís environmental require divine intervention?)
Managing Partners Message

           Welcome to another issue of Ensouth! All of it is focused on new developments in the legal field.

          Perhaps the biggest recent development is India’s attempt to resolve the bad debt problem. Two of our three columns this time are about bad debts.

          First in Joint Lender Devastation, we examine the latest bankruptcy related ordnance and ask ourselves if its sensible to supersede India’s institutional structure and transfer commercial decisions into the hands of the super regulator.

          Next, in What’s the NDTV Inside story, we evaluate the allegations against this TV channel and test if the facts disclosed add up to the allegations made.

          Finally, moving on to the topical, in Rivers with Rights of Humans, we ask ourselves if India’s environmental challenges are addressable without evoking divine intervention.

Happy reading!

Ranjeev C Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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