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July - 2018
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. Comment : POSH Retribution
(In a world where men and women are being increasingly thrown together in the workplace, society has taken an antagonistic view of the mating game.)
3. Comment : Fake News
(Though the Madras HC has said that forwarding a message is equal to accepting and endorsing it, it is debatable as to what is fake news. Itís all a question of perceptionÖ)
4. Comment : Triple Whammy
(The irony is hard to miss when a law designed to provide security to Muslim women within marriage hastens its dissolution by sending the errant husband to jail.)
  : Our Speaking Assignments
Managing Partners Message

          India is widely believed to be over legislated and under-governed. It is also probably “over-judgmented” on issues where no judgments are required. That is not the worst of it. We are now also becoming a society whose laws encourage social hostility and strife. We unleash CBI investigations without the slightest evidence and jail peremptorily when we should merely investigate. We also also created a legal regime which is unnecessarily neurotic and hyper-antagonistic.

This time, we investigate three examples of this kind of ‘legally sponsored’ antagonism and hostile aggression.

          First, in POSH Retribution, we ask if the law should react to aggressive displays of mating behavior by promoting public lynching as opposed to delivering a pep-talk.

          Second, in Fake News, we examine the wisdom in the Chennai High Court’s view that “forwarding a message is the same as endorsing it”. In culmination, we ponder on the nature of ‘truth’ and question the very concept of Fake News.

          Third, in Triple Whammy, we marvel at the logic that has transformed the attempt by the courts to protect women from Triple Talaaq by hastening the end of the marriage and sending the errant husband to jail.

          Finally, we share our upcoming speaking assignments.

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Ranjeev C Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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