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Ranjeev C Dubey:

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Ensouth Our Newsletters

June -2006
  1. Messages : Managing Partner's message
  2. Comment : Criminalizing the Healer
      (Criminal Law and Medical Negligence)
  3. Comment : Talking about Sex
                        (If extra marital sex is not a crime, why should expressing a
                         personal view on it be a crime?)
  4. Comment : Don't confide in your lawyer
                        (The law on client attorney communications)
  5. Initiative : Our workshop Program schedule
    (Workshops and courses for the business community) 
Managing Partners Message

Ensouth's summer issue focuses on generic issues that have continued to vex lawyer and layman alike, at least one of which acquired a distinctly political overtone last year. In addition, we kick off a new off road adventure. This is the fare:


1. Concerns on the continuing commercialization of medical healthcare have become a source of tremendous concern in India in recent years. We examine the question whether doctors can be sent to jail for medical negligence in India.

2. Late last year, Tamil movie star Khushboo took a great deal of flak for expressing views sympathetic to a sexually permissive lifestyle culminating in the filing of criminal cases against her. If extra marital sex is not a crime, why should talking about it be a crime, we ask?

3. There is an unspoken assumption in India that all communication between a client and a lawyer is privileged. We examine how far this assumption is borne out by the law

4. We commence a new off road journey that started with an exploration of Lhasa followed by a drive to the beautiful Zamdrok lake, through Gyandse and Shigatse to Mount Everest's north face base camp and down to Nepal. Part One of this journey covers the discovery of Lhasa.

5. Finally, in continuance of the successful interactions we have had with the business community so far, we share with you our workshop schedule for the next two months.


Ranjeev C Dubey


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