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November - 2015
1. Messages : Managing Partner's message
2. SPECIAL : Legal Confidential: Sample Chapter 1
(The Adventures Of An Indian Lawyer.)
3. Comment : Contextualizing Euthanasia & The Right to Life
(India's euthanasia law is completely unsatisfactory.)
4. Comment : Reimagining India's Legal System
(We need to re-imagine our criminal law to address the wounds of the victims of crimes, not the outrage of the bystander.)
5. Comment : What really hurts about Vyapam
(We cannot protect those uncovering Vyapam type scams, notwithstanding the Whistleblower Protection Act.)
6. Comment : Law and Living-in
(Indian laws are now heavily women biased: a whole heap of legal benefits flow to women in both marriage and live-in relationships that don't flow in the other direction.)
Managing Partners Message

         It is truly with the greatest of pleasure (and not a little self-satisfaction) that we bring to you a sample chapter of my new book “Legal Confidential: Adventures of an Indian lawyer”. Penguin released the book this week and this is how they describe it:

“Legal Confidential is the story of rookie lawyer Ranjeev Dubey who joins the profession motivated by a desire to help people get justice.  As he slogs his way in the corridors of Delhi’s trial courts, he realizes that the legal system is anything but fair. He stumbles upon a quirky world of corruption, sleaze, adultery, eloping couples and clients willing to pay for legal service ‘in kind’.  He survives the ‘killing field’ of litigation for twelve long years, biding his time.

When he gets an offer to join a law firm, Dubey believes he has finally arrived. But has he? The world of corporate law is one of intense power play, destructive politicking and the merciless pursuit of revenue. In a short time, he learns the tricks of the trade and steadily climbs up the ladder. Soon he gets too big for the firm and his partners decide to ambush him.  What follows is an explosive showdown.”

          I have tried, as honestly as I am able, to reveal to my readers the real world of law and lawyers. You will find no sugar coated elevated romanticism here, only a brutally honest narration of the facts, not without humor I trust. I do hope you will find the time to leaf through the book. I can assure you whatever your reaction, boredom will not be one of them!

          The book is widely available in bookshops across the country, including all major airports. If you prefer to order your copies on line, these links will lead you directly to the orders page:





          If you prefer to support your local bookstore, it is available as follows:

Gurgaon:      Om Book shop, G13-16, MGF Metropolitan Mall,
Teksons, Shop No 95, DLF Galleria, Phase 4
Delhi:           Midlands, 20 Aurobindo Place Market,
                   Crossword, Level 1, Select City Mall,

                   And all leading bookstores in Khan Market and Connaught Place.


Bombay:       All Crossword Outlets

          Should you experience difficulty in placing your order, please write to us at Suresh@nsouthlaw.com and we will arrange to supply you a copy.

*     *     *     *     *

          This time, given the delay in publishing Ensouth, we have an expanded repertoire of pickings for you.

          First up, Contextualizing Euthanasia & the Right to Life is a critique of the law on the subject, firmly set in its modern context. We are at a point in human history where life can be indefinitely prolonged without providing anything like an acceptable quality of life. In these circumstances, what do we expect the law to do for us?

          Next, in the face of a criminal legal system clogged to the brim, in Reimagining India’s Legal System, we ask if the primary aim of criminal law should be to heal the wounds of the victim or pander to the outrage of the bystanders. In that view of the matter, is compensation for the victim a better solution than jail time for the perpetrator?

          That brings us to this foremost example of political criminality in India today i.e. the Vyapam scam. How will we ever convict the all-powerful guilty if we are unable to protect the highly vulnerable witnesses? In What really hurts about Vyapam, we discuss what measures are necessary before the upcoming trials can be brought to a successful conclusion.

          Finally, we take a ruthlessly practical look at the greatest challenge facing family law in India today: living-in, as opposed to marriage! As is often the case, our courts have been abreast of developments, sometimes even ahead of the curve, evolving laws unseen, while the legislature enacts its despicable pantomime of power play to the disgust of the nation. In Law and Living-in, we debate the impact of the some of these evolving new laws.

          We do hope you enjoy this bumper issue.


Ranjeev Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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