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October - 2012
1. Messages : Managing Partner’s message
2. Videos : The Land Acquisition challenge in India
The Bullshit Quotient of Stock Markets
The Bullshit Quotient of Compliance in India
The Bullshit Quotient of Auditors
The Bullshit Quotient of Banking in India
The appetite for Bullshit in India
3. Comment : Vodafone Vortex
(Let's not be jubilant when the Government fails to collect taxes from exiting foreigners who’ve just made a fortune here.)
4. Comment : Abandoning Aid
(We should look beyond the smelly classroom and the pain of paying more school fees to the big picture. You may be offended by government apathy, but don't resist the little it is doing.)
5. Comment : Dour Desis & Diabolical Diatribes
(Every joke, parody, humour and lampoon is at some level false despite revealing a great truth)
6. News : New Legislation and Regulations
New Case Laws
Managing Partners Message

         It is with the greatest pleasure, and some humility, that I am able to report the publication of my second book “Bullshit Quotient: decoding India’s corporate, social and legal fine print” (Hachette, 2012). The publisher’s notification of this event may be viewed at this link: http://www.hachetteindia.com/TitleDetails.aspx?titleId=32054. More details of this work can also be found at: http://ranjeevdubey.com/books.html.

         It is with equal pleasure that I am able to announce that we have been able to put all our published writings together at one place for the viewing pleasure of all our audience at http://ranjeevdubey.com. This task has also had the incremental benefit of bringing together all the videos of presentations made on a variety of subjects within 2012 at this link: http://ranjeevdubey.com/videos.html.

         With these preliminaries, welcome to the October 2012 issue of Ensouth!

         Section I of this issue of Ensouth contains video links of five perspectives on regulatory and legal issues in India - on land acquisition, on stock markets, on auditors, on bankers and on compliance – and one perspective on Indian culture. We do hope that something in this list will inform, engage or at the very least, entertain you.

         In our print media section this time, Ensouth offers one perspective each on a new legislation, a new judgment and on an alarming but not new political development in West Bengal.

         First up, in Vodafone Vortex, we ask why Indian elites are jubilant because the Government failed to collect taxes from an exiting foreign business that just made a fortune out of its investment here especially as an equivalent Indian investor would have paid taxes on the same transaction.

         Next, in Abandoning Aid, we look beyond the smelling kids from slums and the pain of paying more school fees in the context of the new Right to Education law and ask fundamental questions about India’s development imperatives with this question: is it not in the long term interest of business that corporate resources should be expended in educating and training India’s workforce from the ground up?

         Finally, in Dour Desis & Diabolical Diatribes, we revisit recent events occurring as a result of the humorlessness of our political classes and ask ourselves a fundamental question: since every joke, parody, humor and lampoon is at some level false despite revealing a great truth, have our politicians crossed that thin line between emotional inadequacy and criminality?

         Finally, we have now added a news section to our newsletter. Ensouth’s quarterly format does not lend itself easily to reporting current events but we do feel that the big picture changes occurring across the legal landscape should be archived within our website for our readers to refer to at will. The News section is a modest initiative in that direction.

We do love feedback!

Warm Wishes

Ranjeev C Dubey
Managing Partner


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