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October - 2016
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. Comment : Is IPR Moral?
(The idea that some people can capture knowledge and exclude others from using it is dubious at best.)
3. Comment : Self-Inflicted Wounds
(We must realise that generalist judges cannot be the optimal resource to run specialised tribunals.)
4. Comment :

Why deny an individual's right to die?
(Finding a dignified way to end life must be part of everyone's right and the law should facilitate this choice.)

Managing Partners Message

         With all the laws being passed in recent months, it seems that once again, like so many times before, India sits on the threshold of great change. Is it real this time, or once again, we flatter ourselves only to deceive?

          As we wait for the fine print of these new laws to resolve themselves, this Ensouth confines itself to ideological issues alone.

          First, in Is IPR Moral, we question the legal and ethical construct by which the vast bulk of humanity is denied the fruits of human knowledge so that the corporate profits of a few may be protected.

          Next in Self Inflicted Wounds, we recall once again the deep dysfunction in our legal system and ask if the nation’s interest is best served by proliferating the judiciary’s hold on all specialized tribunals.

          Finally, in Why deny the Individual’s Right to Die, we question the law by which, not we along, but the judges of the High Court, decide when we are allowed to die.

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Ranjeev C Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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