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October - 2017
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. Comment : Foreign Lawyers: The Global Desi
(On the angst about the entry of foreign lawyers in India.)
3. Comment : Legally Xenophobic
(To have international arbitrations in India, we need to allow in foreign lawyers.)
4. Comment : Is your mind and body yours? Aadhaar, Privacy and body ownership
(What an Indianís fundamental right to privacy really means)
Managing Partners Message

            With this one, we complete 50 issues of Ensouth! It has taken us thirteen years to get to this number. In this time, India has changed; indeed, we have changed!

           Remarkably, the issues that confront us have not changed that much. That does not mean they have not become more starkly obvious. For our fiftieth issue, we focus on a subject that greatly confounds the legal community and another that confounds the whole nation!

           First, in Foreign Lawyers: the Global Desi, we evaluate the seriousness of the threat of foreign lawyers on Indian soil and seek to understand what it means for resident professionals.

           Next, in an entirely independent treatment of the same subject, in Legally Xenophobic, we contextualize the Law Ministry’s move to allow foreign lawyers to conduct arbitrations in India.

           Finally, in Is Your Mind and Body Yours?, we contextualize the issues around free speech and subject the Supreme Court’s recent judgment to a critique.

Happy reading!

Ranjeev C Dubey

(Managing Partner)

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