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October - 2018
1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
2. Comment : Negotiable Instruments (Amendment) Bill: Cheque-mate!
(Amendments that criminalize the victim of the crime when it should be the debtor approaching the court to find a way to stay out of jail.)
3. Comment : Stern Judicial Headmaster
(A transformation the Supreme Court neither wants nor needs.)
4. Comment : IPR and Digital Piracy: A Lost Cause
(In an age when digitisation of the world has radically changed the consumption of copyright, Intellectual Property Right laws have failed to achieve their objectives.)
Managing Partners Message

          Welcome to the October 2018 issue of Ensouth.

          Regardless of whether he is India’s most controversial Chief Justice or not, Mr. Deepak Mishra is most certainly its most prolific one, at least in the last week of September, when he delivered 16 judgments in five days! With a record like that, the smallest homage we can pay him is to deliver a ‘Mishra Ensouth Special’ next time, devoting an entire issue to his judgments. Hopefully!

          This time though, we are more diverse but just as topical. First, in Cheque-mate, we reject the whole conception behind the latest amendments to the Negotiable Instruments Act and demonstrate their absurdity.

          Next, in Stern Judicial Headmaster, we show how the relentless pressure from a steadily deteriorating polity is transforming the Supreme Court and forcing it to perform a role that wasn’t its burden to do.

          Finally, A Lost Cause, we look at how our IPR laws have become anachronistic in a world transformed by digital technology and the internet.

Happy reading!

Ranjeev C Dubey
(Managing Partner)


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