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October -2005
  1. Messages : Managing Partner's message.
  2. Comment : Niggling Non Compete Clauses
                      (The evolving Indian law on non compete clauses)
  3. Comment : The myth called justice
                      (On the opposition to the Tribal Forest Rights Bill)
  4. Comment : Is your information safe
                      (The low down on data protection in India)
  5. Initiative : Our workshop schedule
                      (Workshops for the business community)
Managing Partners Message

            At the risk of being accused of flogging a trite metaphor, as winter approaches Delhi and the winds of change sweep over India, we examine the legal nuances of contemporary events of the last several months that are shaping our history. Again, it's a mix of the topical and the legal challenges facing us.


     1. The Ambani family settlement included a long term non compete clause. We examine the legality of these clauses in Indian law.

2. We have long believed that what we call justice is a function of the axe we grind. This time, we offer a perspective on the manner in which we have 'acquired' and managed these forests in the context of the Tribal Forest Rights Bill.

3. The London tabloid Sun's claim that they had purchased a disc carrying personal data pertaining to a thousand customers of UK banks from an employee of a Delhi BPO firm raised questions on the security of data in India. We share with you the law on data protection in India.

4. This issue starts a new series on a three week road journey from Manali into Ladakh and out through Kashmir. Part I of this journey covers the Manali-Lahaul section of the dramatic trip through what is really the western edge of the Tibet plateau over three stupendous mountain passes; the 4830 meter Bara Lacha La, the 5065 meter Lachulung La and the 5360 meter Taklang La.

6. Finally, in continuance of the successful interactions we have had with the business community in the last year, we share with you our workshop schedule for the rest of the calendar year.


Ranjeev C Dubey


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