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October - 2011
  1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
  2. Comment  : Implosion Prone
     (The flaw in Indian family owned businesses)
  3. Comment  : Built to Last
                       (Preparing constitutions for family-run businesses in India)
  4. Comment  : Judicial Collateral Damage
                       (In the august quest for a better cleaner society, we are seeing a certain subversion
                       of the very legal system we have meticulously upheld)
  5. Comment  : Five year carnival democracy
                       (Unless our democracy becomes more representative, street protests are inevitable)
Managing Partners Message

          This has been a year of such tumultuous change that the entire July issue of Ensouth was devoted to the 2G scam and its consequences alone. This time, we go back to the legal basics and the topical.

          First, in Implosion Prone, we examine the central structural flaw in Indian family owned businesses which destabilizes them from time to time.

          Next, in Built to Last, we analyze the sort of family constitution that could lead to a more stable long term future for family owned businesses.

          Third, although we may want to get past the 2G scam, in Collateral Judicial Damage, we examine the manner in which judicial attitude to bail in criminal cases has changed.

          Finally, in Public Participation in Parliamentary Democracy, our associate Ms. Deepti Sinha argues that street protest in India is inevitable unless our democracy becomes more representative.

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Ranjeev C Dubey
Managing Partner


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