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Ensouth Our Newsletters

September -2007
  1. Messages : Managing Partnerís message
  2. Comment : Claw Backs in the PE Machine
      (The hoodoo in those Warranty clauses Constitution?)
  3. Comment : Press Note Politics
                        (The misconceived attempt to protect domestic joint venture
  4. Comment : The Neo Conservative Backlash
                        (The public frenzy about explicit content in the media)
Managing Partners Message

           Itís been a busy time for us with Indiaís bull run continuing, leaving little time for writing in the print media or conducting workshops. However, we take pleasure in bringing you one more issue of Ensouth. Once again, we return to our traditional format: covering each of topical issues, policy issues and current events. 

          In our topical section, we bring you Clawbacks in the PE machine, which argues that confidentiality paranoia is exaggerated in companies seeking private equity and then looks, as the subtext states, at the real hoodoo in the warranties supporting the share acquisition. 

          Next and quite coincidentally as one of our cases goes into final hearing on the interpretation of Press Note 1 of 2005 before the Delhi High Court, in Press Note Politics, we share our perspective on what this peculiar piece of protectionism means and has done for our country.

          Finally, in The neo-conservative backlash, we examine the moralistic spin that has been put to recent cases of celebrity bashing in India. 

          We have no workshop announcements for now. The work load has been such that time management has become oxymoronic.


Ranjeev C Dubey


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